Alleviate Allergy Symptoms with Yoga

By Elaine Kelly Ever feel like a pug trying to breathe?  In tandem with physician approved medical treatment, yoga can be a wonderful way to boost your endocrine system and reduce allergic reactions.  In tandem with physician approved medical treatment, yoga can

Plant Based Menu for the One you Love

By Elaine Kelly Thinking about making your loved one a plant-based dinner that is good for the planet, your pocket,  takes no time to prepare and is overflowing with love and taste?  See my suggested menu below. Start with a pate, either

Yoga In South Africa

By Elaine Kelly I landed in Joberg a week ago. I stayed at the luxurious Palazzo hotel in Bryanston, close to our offices. I am sitting in a restaurant called Jacksons at the airport waiting for my flight home, wrapped in my

Enhance your Spirituality With Outdoor Yoga

By Elaine Kelly If you have already joined one of our Full Moon Fridays then you probably already know how magical practicing yoga can be outside on the grass. Study after study has pointed to the many beneficial effects of yoga –

Yoga In Paris

By Elaine Kelly 2013 has started with a business trip to Paris. I lived here in the late 80s for 3 years and have a special love for the city.  I left Dubai on the Emirates 380 flight on 27 January to

Release Stress Through Breath

By Elaine Kelly Max Strom is a global speaker, teacher, and author who acts as a bridge to connect people with their inner axis and thereby build better relationships with others.  His mission is to help people remember who they are and what

Celebs Who Practice Yoga On & Off The Mat

By Elaine Kelly Top 5 making themselves and the world a better place When we think of celebrities, we generally think of people who earn and spend alot of money, who are required to look good and are therefore quite connected to

Yoga In Cypress At Zening Resort

By Elaine Kelly A vacation at Zening is a back to nature escape from stress and a journey towards complete & deep relaxation. Elaine Kelly, founder of Yogafest has been featured on Yogalife May 2015 edition. Check out page 90, article A long yoga week in

7 Game Changers In The Wellness Industry

By Elaine Kelly Let me say from the outset that this article is based on my person opinion, experience and discussions with clients, doctors and businesses I work with. I am writing this article from Kripalu, the largest not for profit yoga

Yoga In Istanbul

By Elaine Kelly As you know, I try to attend a local yoga class wherever I go and this time I found myself in Istanbul, Turkey. At 6am the morning after Yogafest finished, I left Dubai for a 3 country work trip